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Biologically Enhanced Soil Amendment

It's like applying a compost tea without the hassle

TerraLife harnesses the power of the biology inherent in worm castings in a way that allows for simple and efficient application of a granular product through a spreader


So What Is TerraLife?

Biology, plant nutrients, and soil/tilth building compounds in one easy to apply granular product

Worm Tea

We brew up a rich blend of vermicompost tea from our own worm castings

Sensitive Blend of Granular Ingredients

The worm tea is then applied to a specific and sensitive blend of granular ingredients where it is absorbed and then allowed to dry in our specialized blending equipment.

Bagged and Applied

Upon drying, the biology from the worm tea becomes dormant and stable.  Once applied and exposed to moisture in your growing medium, the biology in TerraLife reactivates and infuses your soil with a burst of life and nutrients!


Return To Life

This TerraLife was in cold storage for over a year

Upon reintroduction to a nutrient rich growing solution, the biology in the worm tea treated TerraLife began actively growing (as seen in the milky white areas around each particle) within 24 hours vs the check material that was not treated with worm tea


TerraLife Complete

N-P-K enhanced TerraLife for a complete plant food option

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